Kenson Group of Companies

Welcome to Kenson Group of Companies.

At Kenson we offer our clients a variety of production and operational services specific to the oil and gas sector in Trinidad and Tobago. The Kenson Group of Companies comprises Kenson Operational Services Ltd, Kenson Production Serivces Ltd, PF Engineering & Construction Company Ltd and the Kenson School of Production Technology. Since 1994, we have insisted on bringing quality and efficiency to the maintenance of oil rigs, process plants and off-shore drilling platforms, as well as in all our administrative capacities. We have worked hard to achieve and maintain our strong reputation for excellent service delivery and an umblemished recored in Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) protocols. Our company is founded on the principles of service and competence and the experience and expertise of our over 400 employees. Our ideals of quality and service have established us as a leader in our fields. We aim to offer to our clients a cadre of skilled professionals who bring proficiency to every job.