Wealth of Skills & Experience

Kenson is built on a solid foundation of training and experience. That tradition has continued and today our emphasis on training and continuous learning is the primary building block for success and sustainability of each company and by extension, the entire Group.

The Kenson Group comprises several synergistic companies viz. Kenson Production Services Limited, Kenson Operational Services Limited, Kenson School of Production technology, PF Engineering and Construction Company limited and Dyronx. Kenson is a service contractor to Oil and Gas Companies in the Energy Sector. Our core business is providing Operations and Maintenance Services for both offshore and onshore facilities.

To be acknowledged nationally as the leading service provider in the Energy Sector and to propagate our reputation for extraordinary services.

To assist our Clients to exceed their goals through the provision of extraordinary services, in a manner that would ensure profits to our shareholders while ensuring the welfare of our employees and the environs through responsible environmental and safety management.

A company’s performance is a direct reflection of its staff. Kenson Group is renowned for efficiency and productivity and stems from the competency of its Management Team. Each member brings to the team a wealth of knowledge and experience that enhances the company’s operations. In addition, the Kenson Group Management Team brings a passion, determination and strength of purpose, leading by example and motivating its staff to excellence. This ensures that the Kenson Group maintains its status as a leader in the provision of Oil and Gas Field Operations and Production Services.

Our Executive Team



Mr. Kenneth Ferguson is the founder and Chairman of the Kenson Group of Companies. Prior to founding Kenson, Mr. Kenneth Ferguson worked for the then Amoco Trinidad Oil Company, now British Petroleum, with his last assignment being a Platform Superintendent.


It is this wealth of knowledge and experience garnered over some twenty four (24) years that Mr. Ferguson brought to Kenson through developing and mentoring the employees’ technical skills.


Kenson is a Service Contractor to Oil and Gas Companies in the Energy Sector in Trinidad and Tobago providing a full range of managed Operations and Maintenance services and technical support services to our clients Offshore Production Platforms and Onshore Facilities.

In 1994, the first company, Kenson Production Services Limited (KPSL) was born, employing a mere 10 employees, all of whom, under the direction of Kenneth Ferguson, provided highly skilled services to the client.


As demand for Kenson's services increased, a new company, Kenson Operational Services Limited (KOSL) was established in January 2000. By May 2000, PF Engineering & Construction Company Limited was formed. Thus creating the Kenson Group Of Companies, which can boast of employing well over 350 employees.


Mr. Ferguson saw the opportunity to fill a gap and seized that opportunity through establishing the Kenson School of Production Technology whose purpose initially was to offer job specific training to the young graduates coming out from the technical school so that a pool of talent could be generated to satisfy the needs of Kenson Production Services Limited and Kenson Operational Services Limited in meeting the needs of these multinational organizations.


Perhaps the schools pinnacle of success was Mr. Ferguson’s drive to offer such unique training internationally whereby the school currently trains students from Uganda and Nigeria. Our training programs are certified and accredited.


To date, as a 100% locally owned company, Kenson is a market leader and has contracts to provide quality services to our esteemed clients such as Repsol, Petrotrin, BHP Billington, EOG Resources, BGTT and BPTT.





Blair Michael A. Ferguson is a seasoned executive with over 23 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry in Trinidad and Tobago. He possesses a wealth of expertise with strengths in areas such as operational efficiency and company growth.


With great cross sector experience, Blair strategically and successfully led the Kenson Operations and Maintenance Teams in the start-up and commissioning of one BP’s largest gas facility in Trinidad and Tobago. With such a proven track record, Blair was again the driving force behind the expansion of the Kenson School of Production Technology Limited (KSPTL) into new niche markets along the African continent.


Blair currently holds the post of Group Vice-President, Operations and Maintenance Services at the Kenson Group of Companies where he is responsible for formulating, strategizing and directing the entire organisation of over 300 employees. Under his robust leadership, Kenson has acquired strategic alliances with major oil and gas players such as BPTT, BHP Billiton, EOG Resources and Shell among others.





Renee Ferguson is the Chief Operation Officer and a Director of the Kenson Group of Companies. Ms. Ferguson has over 20 years of experience in the oil and gas sector. She leads the business operations by ensuring efficiency and effectiveness while staying true to Kenson’s vision of providing quality service, driving performance and remaining customer focused.


She provides strategic direction and is accountable for all aspects of Group Accounts & Taxation, Public Relations, CSR & Company Image, Legal Affairs and other Group related matters. To date, along with her team, she has forged a best in class organization in Trinidad and Tobago, with many service providers benchmarking their systems and processes.


Due to her deep concern for building local capability and capacity, under her stewardship along with the CEO, Ms. Ferguson has been able to establish the Kenson’s Training School to identify, train and develop young nationals to equip them with the knowledge and experience to work either on an offshore or onshore facility.


In 2009, Ms. Ferguson co-founded The Maz Foundation, which is a non-profit Organization dedicated to positively improving the quality of life of stakeholders in the geographic reach of the company through fundraising and other efforts.


She holds a Bachelor’s Degree (Hon.) in Business Management and a MBA, specializing in Strategic Planning from the Heriot-Watt University, UK, along with many other management certificates in leadership, HR and quality management.




Lorraine has a varied range of work experience after graduation from large multinational corporations to a locally owned and operated entrepreneurial organization. In 1980, she graduated from Naparima Girls’ High School and went on to complete her undergraduate degree in Information Systems Management at Southeastern University in Washington, DC. She subsequently completed her MSc in Computer Science at Pace University, New York and a certificate in Project Management from New York University in New York.

With her strong IT training she embarked on a career in Software and Application Development initially at the New York Stock Exchange. She then moved to Kellogg Capital Markets rising to the position of Lead Application Designer & Trading Support Manager for ETF Market Desk. She was then engaged by Citibank New York as Senior Vice President Account Services and subsequently promoted to Head of Solution Architecture as Senior Vice President.

In 2014 she returned to Trinidad to head up CWD Enterprises, the manufacturing subsidiary of the Kenson Group of Companies gaining significant operational, financial, marketing and HR and IR experience. With the restructuring of the Kenson Group, she was promoted to the position of Group Vice-President, Finance & Administration for all of the Kenson Group subsidiaries.




Sheldon C. Campbell is a certified engineer on the way up in the oil and gas industry in Trinidad and Tobago. He is registered with the Board of Engineering of Trinidad and Tobago and is a current member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE).  His core discipline is Mechanical Engineering with a MSc specialization in Petroleum Engineering and possesses a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA).


Sheldon has over 17 years’ experience in the oil and gas sector working with service companies namely GeoServices and multinationals such as BP and EOG. He has functioned in various leadership roles locally and internationally working on projects in Spain and the United States. 


At BPTT, Sheldon’s tenacity led to him being the first Trinidadian selected to participate in BP’s Accelerated Development Programme (ADP) in Alaska in 2010 – 2011. Thereafter, he was chosen as the Wells Ambassador at the BP Global Wells Organisation Conference-USA in 2012 and as the Wells Group Presenter at the T&T Energy Conference in 2013.


Sheldon played a key role in major projects such as the Casablanca Field Development Plan, the Hydraulic Workover Unit on Amherstia Production Optimization, Savonette 2 Recompletion and Development of Hybrid Design for Water Shut Off Plug.


He is currently the Operations and Maintenance Manager at the Kenson Group of Companies managing the groups’ major contracts with several major players in the oil and gas industry in Trinidad and Tobago.



Health, Safety and Environmental Management focus is one of the key pillars upon which Kenson has been successfully sustained. It remains our corporate commitment for recognition and acceptance of our legislative duty to ensure that we do not hurt people nor the environment. In short, our Health, Safety and Environmental performance is the key measure of our business success. This is fully inculcated throughout our organization and our employees are expected to continuously monitor and ensure that unsafe acts are not encouraged.

We value and appreciate our employees for their contribution and foster mutual respect at all levels of the organization. We ensure that compensation and benefits are fair and competitive, that personal growth and development is encouraged, and that our employees are trained and competent. Empowerment and feedback is encouraged as this fosters high levels of employee satisfaction.

We demonstrate integrity in everything we do and encourage every member of our organization to honourably fulfill all obligations and commitments to stakeholders and coworkers of the organization. As we strive for excellence, we will conduct our business under the corner stones of honesty, responsibility, respect, good ethics and trust.

We strive to retain our position as Market leader in the industry by constantly looking at ways to reduce costs, to improve efficiency and to grow our business through expansion and diversification. Such a framework ensures stability, continuity and longevity of our business enterprise.

Our decisions are based on fostering and building strong, long term relationships with our customers. We achieve this by anticipating and responding to our customers' demands in a timely manner, providing reliable services at competitive prices as we focus on innovative solutions to all challenges.