Wealth of Skills & Experience

Kenson is built on a solid foundation of training and experience. That tradition has continued and today our emphasis on training and continuous learning is the primary building block for success and sustainability of each company and by extension, the entire Group.

The Kenson Group comprises several synergistic companies viz. Kenson Production Services Limited, Kenson Operational Services Limited, Kenson School of Production technology, PF Engineering and Construction Company limited and Dyronx. Kenson is a service contractor to Oil and Gas Companies in the Energy Sector. Our core business is providing Operations and Maintenance Services for both offshore and onshore facilities.

To be acknowledged nationally as the leading service provider in the Energy Sector and to propagate our reputation for extraordinary services.

To assist our Clients to exceed their goals through the provision of extraordinary services, in a manner that would ensure profits to our shareholders while ensuring the welfare of our employees and the environs through responsible environmental and safety management.

A company’s performance is a direct reflection of its staff. Kenson Group is renowned for efficiency and productivity and stems from the competency of its Management Team. Each member brings to the team a wealth of knowledge and experience that enhances the company’s operations. In addition, the Kenson Group Management Team brings a passion, determination and strength of purpose, leading by example and motivating its staff to excellence. This ensures that the Kenson Group maintains its status as a leader in the provision of Oil and Gas Field Operations and Production Services.

Our Executive Team

Kenneth Ferguson

Rodney Jagai

Blair Ferguson

Renee Ferguson

Lorraine Ferguson

Sheldon Campbell

Health, Safety and Environmental Management focus is one of the key pillars upon which Kenson has been successfully sustained. It remains our corporate commitment for recognition and acceptance of our legislative duty to ensure that we do not hurt people nor the environment. In short, our Health, Safety and Environmental performance is the key measure of our business success. This is fully inculcated throughout our organization and our employees are expected to continuously monitor and ensure that unsafe acts are not encouraged.

We value and appreciate our employees for their contribution and foster mutual respect at all levels of the organization. We ensure that compensation and benefits are fair and competitive, that personal growth and development is encouraged, and that our employees are trained and competent. Empowerment and feedback is encouraged as this fosters high levels of employee satisfaction.

We demonstrate integrity in everything we do and encourage every member of our organization to honourably fulfill all obligations and commitments to stakeholders and coworkers of the organization. As we strive for excellence, we will conduct our business under the corner stones of honesty, responsibility, respect, good ethics and trust.

We strive to retain our position as Market leader in the industry by constantly looking at ways to reduce costs, to improve efficiency and to grow our business through expansion and diversification. Such a framework ensures stability, continuity and longevity of our business enterprise.

Our decisions are based on fostering and building strong, long term relationships with our customers. We achieve this by anticipating and responding to our customers' demands in a timely manner, providing reliable services at competitive prices as we focus on innovative solutions to all challenges.

In the News

On November 7th, 2015 at a ceremony at the Hyatt Regency (Trinidad), the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce presented the Kenson Group with the 2015 award in the category of "Internationally Known... T&T Owned."

An edited version of Kenneth Ferguson's biography was reproduced in the Business section of the Trinidad & Tobago Express on November 18th in recognition of his achievements in the oil and energy industry, as well as his success with the founding of the Kenson School of Production Technology.